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It can take YEARS to get started with an online business. This challenge will help you speed up the process so that in FIVE DAYS you'll have your ESSENTIAL PLAN to start your Online Creative Business right away!

Lauren Lapointe

In This Challenge, You'll Get:

  1. A clear, actionable plan and framework that will allow you to launch your online business successfully.
  2. A better understanding of what your company will do, who your ideal customer or client is, how to brand and market your company, your vision for your business, and what you want your ideal work and lifestyle to look like.
  3. The focus, clarity, confidence, and motivation to be able to move forward with your online creative business and bring it to life.

LAUREN LAPOINTE is a Creativity Coach with a business degree and background, who took the leap 15 years ago to leave her cushy office job and start a creative business. Since then she's become a nationally-touring singer-songwriter who has released three critically acclaimed CDs, played at the nation’s top listening rooms, and received international radioplay.

She's a writer, a yoga and meditation teacher, and she runs her own business that specializes in offering coaching and online programs and has served over 12,000 students and clients around the world.

She loves working with dedicated, passionate creatives and her mission is to empower clients and give them the tools, skills, confidence, and support to manifest their creative dreams into successful businesses so they can enjoy fulfilling, meaningful lives with flexibility and freedom.

Lauren is the person who inspired me to be a Creativity Coach. I was starting the process of recording my first album, Lavender Sound, when I kept facing fears that had piled up during a five-year span of failed efforts to do this project. It was through Lauren's consistent approach that I realized how easy the work could actually be! She broke it down step by step, held me accountable, and reassured me through the tough moments. It was witnessing her loving support that inspired me to coach artists as well."

Louise Warren
Songwriter and Coach

Lauren is a wonderful and caring person to work with and with her help I now am able to sort through all of my creative efforts to focus on the most important priorities, set goals and identify intermediate doable steps to achieve these goals, while maintaining flexibility to change mid-stream as appropriate. I highly recommend Lauren Lapointe as a Creativity Coach.

Andrew Getch
Songwriter and Painter