5-Day Challenge to Plan The Online Creative Business of Your Dreams

Day Two: Your Client or Customer

In Today's Challenge You'll:

  • Look closely at who you want to serve in your business.
  • Learn how to get laser-focused on the qualities of your ideal client or customer.
  • Discover why narrowing down your focus can help your marketing and business.
  • Identify your ideal client or customer.

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Today's Action Steps:

  • Start to think about who will be your ICA or ideal client or customer.
  • Decide on these 5 qualities: gender, age, work, interests, and challenges.
  • Continue to think about and develop/refine your ICA in the future as you make marketing decisions for your business.

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DAY #1

Your Offer

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DAY #3

Your Brand

DAY #4

Your Vision

DAY #5

Your Lifestyle

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