5-Day Challenge to Plan The Online Creative Business of Your Dreams

Introduction & Overview

In This Challenge You'll:

  • Learn five key steps to help you plan the online creative business of your dreams.
  • Look in detail at your business offer, your client or customer, your brand, your vision, and your lifestyle.
  • Emerge from this challenge with a clear and focused plan to launch your business.
  • Be very motivated and inspired to take the next step with your business!

Click below to start the video:

To Prepare for the Challenge:

  • Look for an email each day with a video and action sheet (check your promotions and spam folders in case the emails get sent there.)
  • Plan to spend a few minutes a day for the next five days on planning your dream business.
  • Know that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do the challenge - just by showing up and taking in the information you are making huge progress!

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