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21 Days to Creativity: How to Develop a Creativity Practice

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Have you been craving a life that feels more creative and filled with intention, meaning, and joy?
Maybe you’ve tried to fit a regular creative practice into your life but you’re having trouble sticking with it or just getting started?

Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or experienced creative, this comprehensive twenty-one day program will give you plenty of techniques, tools, and inspirations for a more fulfilling, creative life.

Each of these activities is designed to take no more than twenty minutes a day so that they are accessible, reasonable, and can fit into the busiest of schedules.

Since it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, by the end of the book you will be well on your way to making creativity a regular and daily part of your life.

And a life filled with creativity is a life filled with passion, magic, and purpose.

This book will include:

Getting Prepared: How to find the right space and time for creating.

Getting Started: Techniques for transitioning from our busy day-to-day lives to our creative work – or for getting unstuck – that include journaling, walking, ritual, meditation, and others.

Getting Inspired: Learning how to Identify what inspires you and how you can tap into that at any time.

Getting Focused: How to go from initial inspiration to actual completed project through planning, goal setting, and scheduling.

Getting Productive: How to stay with your creative work by holding yourself accountable, finding the right supports, and tracking your progress.

Carrying It Forward: How to take what you have learned from this program and apply it to your future creative work.

What you will learn:

– How to make creativity a daily part of your life
– How to sample various creative practices and techniques to determine what works best for you
– How to pick the one creative project that is most meaningful to you at this time
– How to set goals for your project so that you can see it through to completion
– How to make a long-term and short-term plan for your creative work
– Lots of creative ideas and inspiration
– A deeper understanding of your creative rhythms and habits
– How to get started with your creative work
– A discovery of what inspires you and how to tap into that anytime
– How to find the right creative support for yourself and hold yourself accountable
– How to get unstuck from a creative project
– How to commit to yourself and your creative work
– And much more!

This book was inspired by the online course of the same name. However, please note that this book is designed to stand-alone as well.

Check out these 5-star reviews:

“Lauren offers many interesting perspectives that got my attention. I was lacking creativity and looking for a read that was practical, straightforward, and to the point; this book was all three. I like her step-by-step approach to enhancing one's creativity in life and work, and it has inspired me to think differently about many of my actions. I especially like Lauren's thoughts on creative rhythms and habits. Highly recommended!” – Amazon Customer

“Incredible! I read this book in one sitting, devouring all the wonderful thorough well thought out content. Lauren Lapointe is a gifted writer, her ideas flowed smoothy and covered a wide range of ideas. I can tell that she put a lot of thought and time into this book. I also went through her creativity, yoga and mediation online course which were all superb. She is truly a creative person, and really practices what she teaches. I appreciate all her insight and sharing her experiences and knowledge with me.

I can't tell you how much I loved this book. I certainly am going to use this book as a guide to help me develop my own creativity. This book is five plus stars to me and I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Lauren Lapointe for 21 Days to Creativity, It is a winner:)” – Joyful Happy Busy Mom