Welcome to the Three-Day "Ideas" Challenge 

Introduction & Overview

In This Challenge You'll:

  • Get creative and brainstorm a ton of ideas for your new business so that you'll have lots of options to inspire you.
  • Get clarity on your strengths and what kind of business and lifestyle you'd like to build.
  • Learn what factors to consider when choosing your business idea so that you can pick the right one.
  • Decide which business idea to focus on first so that you can get started right away!

Click below to start the video:

To Prepare For The Challenge:

  • Look for an email each day with a Video and Action Sheet (check your promotions and spam folders in case the emails get sent there and mark them as "safe.")
  • Plan to spend a few minutes a day for the next three days on generating and choosing ideas for your new business.
  • Know that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do the challenge - just by showing up and taking in the information you are making huge progress!

DAY #1


DAY #2

Narrowing It Down

DAY #3

Picking Your Idea

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