Fully-Booked Funnel

Your personalized step-by-step system for consistently filling your coaching business with clients and achieving your next-level income goals.


The Consistent Client Project

A step-by-step, personalized system for automatically filling your coaching business with a steady flow of dream clients and achieving your next-level income goals.


The Consistent Client Project

A step-by-step, personalized system for automatically filling your coaching business with a steady flow of dream clients and achieving your next-level income goals.

Are you ready for a steady stream of clients and income without the hustle and overwhelm?

You started your coaching business with a desire to help others, do meaningful work that has a greater impact, and enjoy time and location freedom to live the life you want.

However, you know that in order to make this happen, you need to have consistent clients and -- not just a reliable income that you can count on every month -- but the potential to grow, scale, and have the thriving, successful business that you're ready to have.


You know that it’s no longer time efficient to have to go out searching for clients one-by-one…

You know that being visible on social media and posting great content is only part of the equation for a full-time, thriving business and you're ready to fill in that missing piece.

And you likely know that you need to create a system that will bring you reliable and consistent clients so that you're not always wondering where your next client is coming from.

Did You Know That:

It's possible to wake up each morning to discovery calls that have been automatically booked on your calendar from not just potential clients -- but DREAM clients, the ones that you love to work with and who get amazing results.

You can confidently enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that clients are coming to you regularly without worrying about where the next one is coming from.

You can have steady income months, set and achieve higher revenue goals, and finally leave that day job to work full-time in your business.

There's a way to turn strangers into clients in a matter of days or even hours without having to spend months and months building their trust (there's a way to do that faster!)

Your business can grow quickly and you can expand your offers to include group coaching and higher-level programs once you have a system for attracting steady clients.

You’ll know exactly what to post online and be able to confidently create a strong, visible online presence that grows your brand without the pressure of having to sign up that next client with your next social media post.

You can automate parts of your business so that you can focus on building relationships with your clients without being glued to tech, admin, or other repetitive tasks.

You can have more time to finally enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a profitable online business and the lifestyle that it offers.

You can have more FUN in your business which turns you into a client and money magnet!

Does this sound familiar?


You know you have something valuable to offer and you're ready to do it in a bigger way.


So why is it so hard to get the traction you're ready to achieve in your business?

You've put yourself out there on social media. Maybe you've been creating  videos, blogging or even have a podcast.

You're getting "likes" and engagement. People seem to enjoy what you're doing and you're getting good feedback.

 While this may bring in the occasional client, it simply isn't translating into the consistent clients or income that your business needs in order to reach the level that you'd like it to achieve.

Maybe you've told yourself that you "just need to put yourself out there more."

So you get even more visible and share some of your best content. 

By now, you're starting to feel tired and even a little discouraged.

You didn't create a business that required you to be on social media for hours every day hoping that someone might become a client at some point.

How can you keep putting so much time and energy into your coaching business without getting the results back?

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the marketing strategies out there, some that you've even tried.

You question your niche, your offer, and different parts of your business. There are moments when you start to question if this is even for you.

The truth is...without a system in place that generates consistent clients, it's nearly impossible to create steady momentum in your business.

In other words, it's not you -- but it's an important piece of your business that is ready to be implemented.

It's like you've been running your coaching business like a car that doesn't have a motor and needs to be powered manually with your own hands (or feet, if you're a Flintstones fan.) 

While that may help to get everything started and your business off the ground, it's simply not sustainable in the long-run and you can't go any distance this way.

A car can't drive without a self-powered engine and a full-time, thriving coaching business can't run without a consistent system to bring in leads and clients that doesn't require you to be doing it "manually" or one-by-one.

There's a better way.

The good news is that the work you've been doing is great preparation and support for this next step. These pieces that you've been learning about your business are going to serve you well once you add in your funnel.

A funnel or, as I like to call it, a client journey is a process that takes your potential clients from skeptical strangers and turns them into dream clients eager to sign up for your coaching.

It's a series of steps that allows your potential clients to get to know you, builds trust, and lets you establish a relationship with them easily and quickly.

Once you set up your funnel and it's running well, it's repeatable and can run on autopilot so that your ideal clients are constantly coming to you and you have a steady stream of clients.

Instead of exhausting yourself with the constant hustle of trying to find that next client, you have a system that runs automatically and brings your clients to you.

This is how the majority of successful coaches and online entrepreneurs who attract consistent clients, reach high-level income goals, and are able to have a greater impact are making this happen.

In other words, this is the secret or "missing piece" to consistent clients and income in your business.

Here are some of the benefits of creating a funnel, or client journey, in your coaching business:

  • Consistent clients
  • Reliable income
  • The ability to attract the right clients who connect with you and are eager to sign up for your coaching
  • You can turn strangers into clients quickly
  • You don't have to constantly be hustling for clients
  • You can enjoy creating content and posting on social media in a way that supports your funnel and feels more relaxed and enjoyable rather than depending on these activities to "maybe" bring in that next client
  • You can help and share your expertise with more people and have a greater impact
  • More free time in your business to focus on what you love and on building relationships and genuine connection
  • Better work/life balance

Even though the reasons to create a funnel or client journey are obvious, why does it feel so challenging and why are so many struggling coaches not doing this?

Setting up a funnel can feel:

Too techie or complicated

Too time-consuming

Like it's "not for you" or your niche

Too robotic and impersonal

Maybe you feel that:

You're a coach and you're about people, not funnels.

Your business isn't ready for this yet.

You've tried funnels and they didn't work for you.

Good news!

Here's the truth about creating your client journey or funnel:

A successful client-journey funnel is accessible to anyone with the right step-by-step guidance (most people who have successful funnels are not techie!)

Your funnel will allow you to have more time and energy to focus on relationship-building in your business (you're not tied to your computer doing repetitive admin tasks or spending all of your time shopping for clients.)

Funnels work with any niche or business. They're completely adaptable and meant to be personalized to work with you, your niche, and your business.

You can create a funnel right now: the sooner you implement your funnel in your business, the sooner you can get consistency and then grow your business.

Funnels are AMAZING for coaches of all niches and will set you apart from the coaches who are struggling for consistency and the ones who have success.

However, it can be all too easy to set up a funnel incorrectly OR to set up parts of it and not complete it (which is why some people think they don't work for them.)

A successful funnel is achieved by creating a particular series of steps that needs to be done in the right way, in the right order, and in a way that works uniquely for you.

The good news is that -- this is completely available to you!

What If:

You didn't have to try and figure out how to set up your funnel by yourself?

You had someone to personally help you create a funnel that's tailored specifically for you, your niche, and your specific coaching business?

You didn't have to spend weeks, months, and even years trying to figure out on your own how to market and attract consistent clients?

You didn't have to spend a fortune hiring someone to set up a generic funnel up that may or may not work, doesn't feel personalized, and wouldn't let you learn how this part of your business needs to work? 

You had someone help you create your dream funnel in a simple, step-by-step way that feels personalized, authentic, and fun -- and then you could take that learning and help your business scale and grow that much faster.

You had your funnel all set up and attracting consistent dream clients and income and you could really enjoy the next level of success for your business?

Consistent Client Project

A step-by-step, personalized system for automatically filling your coaching business with a steady flow of dream clients and achieving your next-level income goals.

The Consistent Client Project is the only program where you get to work directly with your own coach (me) one-on-one to create your personalized, standout funnel so that you can have your very own system for attracting steady clients and earning regular income each month.

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program where you try to fit your coaching niche and personality into someone else's system and hope that it will work (because that usually doesn't!)

Instead, we work closely together to map out your client's unique journey to create a funnel that you love and that attracts YOUR clients consistently and automatically through genuine relationships and connection.

You'll get step-by-step guidance, direction, support, and strategy so that you can put your funnel together the right way in the shortest amount of time without guessing how it works or trying to figure out any tech or new pieces on your own (I've got you covered.)

By learning and enjoying every step of putting your funnel together, you'll infuse your business with tons of good energy that will magnetize your coaching and attract even more clients!


In this program, you'll learn: 

  • Tap into your skills, strengths, and talents so you know exactly what to offer in your coaching business.
  • Get crystal clear on what kind of coaching niche is right for you.
  • Learn what structures and systems you need to get your business off the ground and running smoothly.
  • Create the right kind of coaching program and package that people love and that sets your business up to be profitable and successful from the beginning.
  • Conduct powerful and transformational coaching sessions with your clients.
  • Learn the essential elements to create or refine a website that clearly presents your coaching program and attracts your ideal clients easily.
  • Create a brand and online voice that feels authentic, creative, and fun.
  • Learn online marketing techniques that feel natural, not sales-y, and help you connect with your perfect clients who want your coaching program.
  • Use social media effectively and strategically for your coaching business in a way that feels like YOU and doesn't take up all of your time.
  • Learn about email list building and how to set up a simple sales funnel so that you can effectively attract your dream clients on a regular basis.
  • Master time management and productivity so that you can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. 
  • Learn step-by-step how to conduct powerful live video sessions so that you can connect with and attract your dream clients online.
  • Conquer a lack of confidence, fears, procrastination, blocks about getting paid for your services, or any limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of making your online coaching business the best that it can be.
  • Get the right kind of support, accountability, and guidance so that you stay on track and motivated as you set up your coaching business.
  • Create an online coaching business that is successful and ready for paid clients.
  • Get direct experience with coaching which is the best training for being a coach!
  • And more!

​​​​​​​​​​​​Rather than spending weeks, months, and even years researching and trying to figure out how to attract consistent clients or build a funnel on your own, The Consistent Client Project is your step-by-step blueprint to successfully launching your online coaching business so that you're ready for and working with paid clients.

The Consistent Client Project Includes:

  • Twelve private coaching calls.
  • Training modules that includes videos, workbooks, templates, swipe files, and additional resources that give you full support with lifetime access (that includes all updates.)
  • Email and Voxer access with me for three months so you don't have to wait for the next call to get your questions answered and feel completely supported.
  • Personalized review and feedback on your materials including your lead magnet, landing pages, emails, ads, website etc.

You'll receive lifetime access to the following modules -- this includes all updates!

Each module is designed to give you the clearest, most straightforward and step-by-step breakdown so that you can get the best results quickly without a lot of unnecessary and distracting information.

In addition to personalized coaching strategy and guidance, you'll receive videos, worksheets, templates, swipe files and any resources that will support you in achieving your high-converting client journey funnel.

Module 1: ​A Coaching Offer That Converts

Learn exactly what's needed for your coaching to sell easily online and create the perfect offer that sets you up for success.

  • Narrow and clearly define your niche so that you can easily identify and find your specific online audience and can create a funnel that connects powerfully with your ideal clients.
  • Turn your coaching genius into a compelling offer that is highly desirable, speaks directly to your ideal clients and has them lined up to work with you.
  • Get crystal clear on your messaging so that you're attracting your dream clients and they know exactly how you can help them, that you're the coach for them and are eager to work with you.
  • Learn the secrets to pricing your coaching offer perfectly so that you sell with clarity, confidence and ease.

Module 2: Content & Visibility Plan

Create your weekly and monthly content and visibility strategy so that you know exactly how and when you will show-up online to build your brand, authority, and nurture your community.

  • Get clear on the content you will create and organize it into a simple, strategic plan so you always know what to share and can communicate and connect with your community easily.
  • Know exactly how and when you will show up on social media so that you're maximizing your visibility and having fun while minimizing overwhelm and saving a ton of time.
  • Learn how to nurture and support your growing community so that you’re building trust and positioning yourself as the expert and authority in your niche.

Module 3: Lead Magnets for List Building

  • Create a freebie that fills your email list with high quality leads and potential clients and learn how to nurture these leads with well-crafted, personalized emails that connect and build relationship.
  • Discover exactly how to create a freebie or lead magnet that your ideal clients love and fills your email list with potential dream clients so that you can build your audience and community daily. 

  • Build your email list and audience and positions you as the expert in your area of specialization.
  • Learn how to set up a landing page, confirmation page, and connect with your email service provider so that you have your first funnel set up and can start attracting clients to your list and building your community.

Module 4: High-Converting Landing Pages 

  • Learn the secrets to a high-converting landing page and confirmation page for your freebie so that you're filling your email list easily.
    • Set up all of your systems so that you're ready to accept and begin working with paid clients.
    • Learn the essential elements of a coaching website that clearly showcases your coaching services.

    Module 5: Email & List Building Mastery

    • Discover how to craft powerful emails in your own voice that connect with your community and positions you as the trusted expert.
    • Design an email sequence for people signing up for your list so that you can easily convert your leads into clients.
    • Learn how to create compelling content and nurture your email list on a regular basis to grow a loyal community who loves what you do.

    Module 6: Create a Winning Webinar Funnel

    • Learn one of the most effective ways of bringing in coaching clients on a regular basis: the webinar funnel.
    • In this detailed training, you’ll learn how to prepare for, create, and conduct a strong webinar that easily brings in clients.
    • Learn how to turn your webinar into evergreen so that runs on autopilot and discover how to nurture participants after the webinar and turn them into paid clients.

    Module 7: Fill Your Funnel

  • Learn the #1 way to attract a steady stream of ideal clients to your business who love exactly what you do.
  • Create masterful ads for Facebook and Instagram that allow you to get in front of the people who need exactly what you have to offer.
  • Build your email list and community every single day with paid traffic that takes your business to the next level.
  • Module 8: Automation & Expansion

  • Learn how to analyze and refine your funnel so that it’s always optimized and bringing in a steady stream of dream clients.
  • Discover how to expand and grow your business the right way so that you’re set up for success at every step.
  • Map out the next steps for your funnel and coaching business so that you're ready for the next level.
  • Are you ready to start sharing your gifts, helping clients, and getting paid well for doing work that makes a difference and lets you be your own boss?


    Q: Who is this program for?

    A: This program is for anyone who's ready to start their online coaching business. You don't need to have any background or training in coaching. All that's required is a commitment to learn.

    Q: How much of a time commitment is involved?

    A: The program is flexible and meant to accommodate all schedules. I'd recommend at least 2-4 hours a week. Most people in the program are working full-time while building an online coaching business on the side.

    Q. What if I don't know what type of coaching I want to do?

    A. No worries! This program is designed to help you determine the coaching niche and focus that best brings out your talents, skills, and expertise and is aligned to your interests and to what is successful in the marketplace.

    Q. What makes this program different?

    A. This program is designed to be a complete system for successfully launching your online coaching business. Rather than needing to take several different programs to fill in the gaps, the steps in this program will take you from wanting to have an online coaching business -- to truly having a coaching business that you love.

    Q. Do I need to be a certified coach to start this program or be a coach?

    A. No, the coaching industry is not regulated and you aren't required to have a certification or any licensing. Rather, this program will show you how to put your skills, expertise, and talents into a strong and effective coaching package that can help others.

    Q. I already have my coaching business started. Is this for me?

    A. Most coaches benefit from refining their niche, creating a strong coaching package, and getting their online systems streamlined. If you're an established coach and would like to refine these areas and make your business more profitable and efficient, this is perfect for you!

    Q. I want to do a certain type of coaching. Do I need to work with the same type of coach?

    A. This program is designed for any coach or consultant who wants to create a successful online coaching business. I've worked with countless niches and focus and the process is the same and is not niche-specific. This program will provide everything you need to build a strong coaching business.

    Q. What kind of results can I expect from this program?

    A. This program is a deep-dive into your complete roadmap to creating a successful online coaching business. By the end of the program, you'll have your coaching business launched and be able to be confidently working with clients (if not before.)

    You'll be clear on your coaching niche and focus, have a strong and in-demand coaching package, know your prices, and have your online systems set up so that you can easily sign up clients. You'll have established your online presence and have a marketing system in place to attract dream clients. You'll also know how to effectively conduct calls with potential clients, have powerful coaching sessions with clients, and so much more. 

    Q. How can I get the most out of this program?

    A. You'll have the most success in this program if you commit to doing all of the trainings, following the steps and the coaching, asking questions and using this opportunity to really get the most out of having a coach and a community to support and guide you in creating an amazing online coaching business.

    Q. How do I enroll?

    A. Enrollment to the Coaching Startup Program is by application only. To apply, click on the red "apply" button and schedule your free 30-minute Coaching Assessment Session. Please note that there is a required form that must be filled out prior to the call. During this call, we'll discuss your goals and ideas for your coaching business, go over all the details, and decide together if this program is the best next step for you. I look forward to talking!

    Q: I'm not sure if this is for me and have questions. What should I do?

    A: Please feel free to email me at Lauren@LaurenLapointeCoaching.com. 


    LAUREN LAPOINTE is an International Business and Success Coach who took the leap several years ago to leave the corporate world and her cushy corner office behind and work for herself. 

    Now she runs her own successful online coaching business that has allowed her to triple her former corporate income and has served over 12,000 students and clients around the world.

    Her mission is to give you the clarity, tools, strategy, confidence, and business foundations to turn your talents and expertise into a successful online business that you love.

    Although she grew up in Canada, she now lives in Tallahassee, FL in the Southeastern USA with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats. Chocolate is usually nearby.



    I loved being coached by Lauren for so many reasons, some related to her deep compassion and others because she really knows her stuff about online marketing for coaches. As a coach with a successful coaching business, I’ve had a strong desire to start broadening my market through the online world, but, the thought of trying to take my business into the online world felt overwhelming. Lauren’s zone of genius lies in that world. Coupled with her passion, thoughtfulness, and excitement for coaching, Lauren takes that online world and brings it to you in a way that is comprehensive and doable. I felt completely held and supported in the coaching process with Lauren. She’s amazing, and, I highly recommend her.

    Cynthia Santiago-Borbon - Confidence & Success Coach, New York, NY



    Working with Lauren has been such an empowering experience! She’s intuitive, supportive, pragmatic and fun! I wish I had known that creating my own business would be so creative and satisfying – I would have done it a long time ago. (Of course, I had no idea how to do it before. That’s where Lauren comes in.) What made the biggest difference for me was how supported I felt throughout the process. Working with Lauren was like having a guide walking beside me all the way, keeping me on track, providing encouragement and inspiration. She really wants to see her clients succeed, and it shows in her care and attention. Putting together a coaching program isn’t like starting a retail business – you are the product, so the process is deeply personal. For me, it was important to feel safe, to feel that my coach understood my feelings, doubts and aspirations, and was committed to helping me uncover my best self. I would recommend Lauren to anyone seeking guidance in starting a coaching business or exploring his or her creative potential. She’s amazing!

    Lee Manale Integrative Wellness Coach, Pooler, GA, USA



    Being coached by Lauren has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, and empowering experiences I’ve ever received from a coach. She helped strengthen my emotional and mental confidence to grow as a self-employed business owner. I love her compassion and uplifting spirit, which helped get me through many obstacles that came my way. Today, I'm pressing on in my business and she's been in my corner as a supporting pillar. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone who’s trying to start a business, and need the tools, and encouragement to move forward with their passion in life.

    Letasha Howe - Holistic Transformation Coach, Boston, MA, USA



    Walking away from this program with a fully-developed, ready to implement coaching product was the number one “win” for me! I came in completely blank, just knowing that I wanted to develop a coaching program. I didn’t know where to begin, or what to do. But with Lauren’s guidance, I came away with a program of my own that’s fully ready to launch, and is imbued with my own signature style. Lauren really helped me hash out areas that I was hung up on, and clarify not only my niche, but the benefits and tangible goals of my program. The module workbooks and videos were extremely helpful. I loved the videos. I recommend Coaching Start-Up in a heartbeat. This was exactly the roadmap I was looking for.

    Robin Ginner Financial Empowerment Coach, Eagle River, WI, USA



    When I met with Lauren the first time, I had newly decided to be a coach. I had no idea of my area of focus, my niche, or where to begin. I had watched hours of free webinars, read tons of information online, and took a few programs on finding my purpose. From the minute I hopped on our first call, I had a feeling that she was in my life for a reason. I signed up immediately and wow. I have come so incredibly far in such a short period of time! I not only have a clear path to follow but I know exactly who I am serving and in what capacity. Even more, Lauren has pushed me to be visible, be open, and be present online. This is extremely hard for me. I feel so much more confident in who I am and what I am here to do. I appreciate this more than any practical aspect to building my business (which is absolutely phenomenal). Thank you Lauren for everything! I appreciate the guidance, the encouragement, and the kick in the pants when needed!

    Traci Joseph - Business Outsourcing Coach, Grand Rapids, MI, USA



    Working with Lauren has been a game changer! Lauren knows her stuff, she’s beyond knowledgable in every area from mindset blocks to funnel blocks.  Lauren’s energy is amazing, just being in her presence is a pick me up!!  I’m so grateful to have found her! 

    Lea Jane Business & Mindset Coach, Vancouver, BC, Canada



    Working with Lauren has been such a joy. Our weekly sessions have kept me so on track and each session has fired me up to keep moving towards my business and personal goals with focus and tenacity. Lauren has a wonderful warm empathetic energy and a natural ability to hold a space for me to process, which has been so helpful in me gaining greater clarity and awareness. Her support has been, and continues to be, invaluable.

    Chloe Gold - Lifestyle & Career Coach, London, England



    Lauren is a fabulous coach! She brings to the table such genuine warmth, creativity, compassion and caring to her clients. She works so well at helping to come up with creative and resourceful ways to identify the problem and find solutions. She is able to provide honest feedback and insight into whatever the question is at hand and handles her clients with the utmost care and concern. I have so appreciated working with Lauren and would highly recommend her!

    Peggy Galdamez Health & Wellness Coach, San Jose, CA, USA



    Lauren has helped me make my coaching dream come true!!  She covers all aspects of starting a business including providing some great resources if you are unsure of what to do next.  Additionally, I appreciated Lauren’s ability to hold me accountable for completing items in a positive way and slowing down to explore why I was running into a few stumbling blocks along the way.  She demonstrated what a great coach needs to do and be aware of.  Lauren’s inspiration and knowledge are sure to help you create a thriving coaching business as well!

    Laura McFadden Executive Coach/Consultant, Greeley, CO, USA

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