Mermaid Healing

Release what's holding you back and step into your highest magic and potential

Mermaid Healing

Release what's holding you back and step into your highest magic and potential

Release what's holding you back and step into your highest magic and potential

Are you ready to turn your spiritual gifts and interests into a thriving, fulfilling business that lets you get paid well to do what you love while making a big difference?


You're a heart-centered soul-seeker who loves to help others.

You've always felt that you're meant to do something meaningful and magical...

And you're feeling the call to  create a beautiful coaching business that lets you live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

You'd love to help others connect with their spiritual gifts and live their best lives at their highest potential.

Maybe you dream of coaching clients online while getting to work from anywhere you like, whether it be an AirBnB in a picturesque Italian seaside village or your favorite kitchen table, while making your own hours so you can create a healthy work and life balance and live life on your terms.

Whether you're curious about becoming a coach, or are already a coach or business owner who'd love to grow your business, you might be wondering:

❓What do you need to become a coach and how do you get started?

❓What kind of coaching should you offer?

❓How do you confidently coach clients and set up your business so you can be working with paid clients?

❓And how can you create a successful and profitable business from your spiritual gifts and interests?

You're not alone if you have these questions!

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries right now.

And spiritual coaches are one of the most in-demand niches as more and more people experience an awakening and crave a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

So if you've been hearing the call to become a spiritual life coach and create a thriving, beautiful business that makes a big difference, there's never been a better time and you're in the right place.

You're invited to the  LIVE online workshop to get your questions answered, discover how to create a Spiritual Life Coaching Business that you love, and map out your next steps so you're clear, confident and EXCITED about what's next.

Claim Your Magic

Start Your Spiritual Life Coaching Business

Where you'll:

  • Discover the five key steps needed to successfully start your spiritual life coaching business
  • Deep dive into your spiritual gifts and interests and get clarity on what kind of coaching you'd love to offer
  • Learn what's needed to become a standout coach who confidently guides others
  • Discover how to attract clients, even as a new coach, so that you can get paid well for your spiritual gifts
  • Map out your next steps for creating a thriving coaching business so that you're clear, focused and inspired
  • Experience live coaching (one of the best ways to learn how to coach) and have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and coaching.
  • Discover how to become a Soul Magic Certified Coach and Certified Spiritual Life Coach

This live, virtual workshop will be held on

Friday, December 10th


2pm ET/ 11am PT

(or convert for your time zone)

Regular price $997

Only $27

** Limited spots available

Here's What's Included:

🔥 A live online 90-minute coaching workshop in a small, intimate group setting where you'll get personally coached, learn how to start your spiritual life coaching business, and map out your next steps

🔥 Access to the event recording for you to watch at your convenience

MAGICAL BONUS:  A private 20-minute coaching call post-workshop to get personalized feedback, clarity and next steps to start your Spiritual Life Coach Business 🔥🔥🔥

This is an interactive and magical workshop where you'll get personally coached and receive clarity,  insights and breakthroughs and leave with an inspired plan and action steps for starting your Spiritual Life Coaching Business.


"If you are struggling to find your own magic “toolkit” for working with clients, what makes you unique and special, how to have belief in yourself, and how to grow your coaching skills – your answer has arrived! Lauren is so knowledgeable, warm, funny and real that its impossible not to relate to her!  She takes you from A-Z in getting started with your business and also to find your own "special sauce".  It doesn’t have to be this crazy, hard goal. Lauren has the ability to turn a mirror on you in order for you to see your potential. Trust yourself, take the leap and jump into the Soul Magic Coach Certification Program.  You will not regret it!" - Kayla DG


"Working with Lauren has been such an empowering experience! She’s intuitive, supportive, pragmatic and fun! I wish I had known that creating my own business would be so creative and satisfying – I would have done it a long time ago. (Of course, I had no idea how to do it before. That’s where Lauren comes in.) What made the biggest difference for me was how supported I felt throughout the process. Working with Lauren was like having a guide walking beside me all the way, keeping me on track, providing encouragement and inspiration. She really wants to see her clients succeed, and it shows in her care and attention. Putting together a coaching program isn’t like starting a retail business – you are the product, so the process is deeply personal. For me, it was important to feel safe, to feel that my coach understood my feelings, doubts and aspirations, and was committed to helping me uncover my best self. I would recommend Lauren to anyone seeking guidance in starting a coaching business or exploring his or her creative potential. She’s amazing!" - Lee M.


"Being coached by Lauren has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, and empowering experiences I’ve ever received from a coach. Today, I'm pressing on in my business and she's been in my corner as a supporting pillar. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone who’s trying to start a business, and need the tools, and encouragement to move forward with their passion in life." - Letasha H.

This is for you if you're either:

💎 Thinking of becoming a coach

💎Already a coach who'd love to grow your business and attract more clients

💎Already a business owner and want to add coaching to what you offer

💎 Have a demanding full-time job/life and want to learn how to start a coaching business that works with your current schedule

💎 Just have a feeling that this is where you need to be!


"Lauren is a masterful guide. She’s absolutely magical, skilled and so knowledgeable and guides and facilitates the process of personal and professional transformation in beautiful, subtle and profound ways. Lauren’s skillful coaching has allowed me to go from having no coaching experience to building a beautiful coaching business of my own that I absolute LOVE. I can now help people through my unique soulful gifts and talents freely and completely. It’s a dream come true—and it’s all because of what I’ve learned and experienced in the Soul Magic Coach Certification Program." - Laura M.


""It was truly a gift and pleasure to be trained by Lauren. With her knowledge through the videos/modules, expertise & experience along with her wonderful coaching, I learned quickly – enough to launch my own business faster than I imagined. Within just a few weeks, I was able to begin working with paid clients! She is a constant encourager and positive light. I highly recommend her!" - Marcy K.


"Working with Lauren has been such a joy. When I started, I had a few private clients, but nothing near a sustainable business. Lauren helped me work through the process of getting clear about what I do, and how to communicate that to the right people. Once I got that down, I was able to set up a system for attracting and signing up clients that worked for me and my vision for my life. Now I get to watch the leads roll in and book discovery calls or sign up for my private healing and group programs and it is all set up automatically. My dream is actually happening. " - Katy Jo H.

This live, virtual workshop will be held on

Friday, December 10th


2pm ET/ 11am PT

(or convert for your time zone)

Regular price $997

Only $27

** Limited spots available

Here's What's Included:

🔥 live online 90-minute coaching workshop in a small, intimate group setting where you'll get personally coached, learn how to start your spiritual life coaching business, and map out your next steps

🔥Access to the event recording for you to watch at your convenience

MAGICAL BONUS:  A private 20-minute coaching call post-workshop to get personalized feedback, clarity and next steps to start your Spiritual Life Coach Business 🔥🔥🔥

Are you ready to get the steps needed to turn your dream of becoming a Spiritual Life Coach into a beautiful business that you love and feels like you?

Lauren Lapointe-Magic

Lauren Lapointe ia Soul Magic Master Coach who took the leap several years ago to leave the corporate world and her cushy corner office behind to work for herself. She initially followed her soul magic path to become a nationally touring singer-songwriter and an advanced-level yoga and meditation teacher where she trained and taught other teachers and students.

Eight years ago, she heard the call to become a coach and has since offered coaching and online programs to over 12,000 students and clients around the world.

She's the Founder of the Soul Magic Coach Certification and Soul Magic CEO Mastermind and helps coaches build thriving, soul-aligned businesses filled with dream clients and magic so they can live a freedom-based life that they love.

Her mission is to give you the clarity, tools, strategy, confidence, marketing and business smarts to turn your talents and expertise into a successful and thriving online business that you love so you can share your soul magic in a bigger way, do what you're meant to do and make a positive difference in the world.

She's committed to diversity, social justice, and equality and believes that all voices are needed in the coaching world.

Although she grew up in Canada, she currently lives in Florida with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats. She takes daily walks in the woods, believes in fairies, and always keeps chocolate nearby.

Your spiritual gifts are there for a reason.  Are you ready to claim your magic?

Why start your Spiritual Life Coaching Business now:

⭐ There's never been a better time for coaches -- and spiritual coaches in particular!

⭐ You don't need to be an expert in anything and you don't need to have anything figured out or have special skills before getting started. Coaching is more about learning how to help others -- so if you're eager to learn, this is for you! 

⭐ Coaching is one of the simplest businesses to get started and has the potential to become profitable much faster than other types of business when you have the right steps.

⭐ Coaching allows you to work on your terms so you can make the schedule that you want, work from wherever you want and immerse yourself in the things that interest you and light you up

⭐ Coaching is much more impactful than an online course or other types of work. It's highly personalized and you get to really help others and make a big difference in such a positive way.

⭐ There will never be a perfect time to start. You just have to jump in at some point and start where you're at! This workshop is a great way to do that.


"I loved being coached by Lauren for so many reasons, some related to her deep compassion and others because she really knows her stuff about online marketing for coaches. As a coach with a successful coaching business, I’ve had a strong desire to start broadening my market through the online world, but, the thought of trying to take my business into the online world felt overwhelming. Lauren’s zone of genius lies in that world. Coupled with her passion, thoughtfulness, and excitement for coaching, Lauren takes that online world and brings it to you in a way that is comprehensive and doable. I felt completely held and supported in the coaching process with Lauren. She’s amazing, and, I highly recommend her." - Cynthia S.B.


"I am so glad that I decided to work with Lauren. She helped me get my life coaching business up and running.  Not only did Lauren help me professionally but she helped me personally as well. She encouraged me to work harder when I was stuck and she knew when to step back and let me figure things out on my own; all the while providing support and guidance. The support she provided in between sessions was greatly appreciated.  If I had not decided to work with Lauren, my coaching business would still be sitting idle. Lauren is a wonderful coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering an online coaching business." - Doreen L.


"Before I started working with Lauren, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels in my business and not getting any traction. I knew everything I was supposed to be doing but I was stagnant, frustrated and not getting anywhere! Since working with Lauren, not only did I sign on a handful of private clients as soon as we started working together, but most excitingly, I successfully launched my first online group program. This was something I had always wanted to do but was hesitant and unsure about for so many reasons. Now I can actually see how much traction I’ve made, how much my audience has grown and I’m thrilled with what I have accomplished. If you’re feeling stagnant or unclear about where to go or what to do with your business, and you’re ready to make some serious momentum, I highly recommend working with Lauren." - Usha R.

** Please note that limited spots are available for this magical workshop

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