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⭐ Step into your highest self and receive your next level of success, magic and abundance

⭐ Release the constant feeling of hustle and needing to be busy to achieve more and embrace a new state of peace, serenity and joy where you can receive much more easily

⭐ Connect with the ancient, mystical power of mermaids and fairies to awaken your natural magic and deepest purpose and potential

⭐ Toss the "should's," expectations and rules that are keeping you land-locked, stuck and exhausted and transform into a Mermaid Queen who embodies freedom, intuition and flow

⭐ Re-align your life and business to serve the callings of your soul

⭐ Get clear on your unique soul gifts and claim your magic so you're doing exactly what you're called to do 

⭐ Unlock your most potent creativity and tap into an infinite source  of ideas,  inspiration and energy

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the magical portal doors are open for the Mermaid Mastermind and get first dibs on all the details and special bonuses and pricing


You're meant to be magical and receive everything your heart desires.

It's time to step into your full creativity, inspiration and abundance and live your most deeply fulfilling life doing what you love.

The secret to success doesn't come from hustle, force, being busier or trying to be superwoman and push through exhaustion.

Mermaid Mastermind is the place to connect with your soul and open to your highest self and all of your gifts and treasures.

Are you ready to connect with your Mermaid Soul and enjoy the life and business of your dreams filled with magic, abundance and freedom?

Lauren Lapointe

Hi, I'm Lauren Lapointe!

I created the Mermaid Mastermind after seeing so many talented, magical women working really hard to create success in their lives and businesses and burning themselves out in the process.

I did the same -- working endless hours and thinking that if I just accomplished more, the skies would part, the angels would sing and I'd arrive at some place of fulfillment.

The truth is that this is an outdated, patriarchal system that leads to women getting further and further away from our natural gifts and our emotional and intuitive intelligence.

Success doesn't come from a set of rules, from working only from our heads and trying to follow a playbook or the expectations of others.

It comes from listening to and honoring the callings of our soul, following what lights us up and connecting with our natural wisdom and magic.

It comes from taking the utmost care of ourselves on all levels and then, only from this place of deep nourishment and fulfillment, can we truly be of service to others and create impact in the world.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of your soul, step into your highest magic and potential and achieve your greatest dreams, Mermaid Mastermind is for you. I can't wait to see you there.

💜 Lauren

Embody your magic. Live your message. Align with your soul's calling.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the magical portal doors are open for the Mermaid Mastermind and get first dibs on all the details and special bonuses and pricing

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"Being coached by Lauren has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, and empowering experiences I’ve ever received from a coach. During my first session with her, I was struggling with how to move forward with a dream that was in my heart and partially in my head. She listened, encouraged, analyzed, supported, and provided me with positive feedback. Also, she helped strengthen my emotional and mental confidence to grow as a self-employed business owner. I love her compassion and uplifting spirit, which helped get me through many obstacles that came my way. Today, I'm pressing on in my business and she's been in my corner as a supporting pillar."  - Letasha H.


"Lauren is a masterful guide. She’s absolutely magical, skilled and so knowledgeable. She guides and facilitates the process of personal and professional transformation in beautiful, subtle and profound ways. It has been personally and professionally transformative for me. Thank you Lauren, from the core of my being, for who you are and for your divine offering in the world. You have helped me create the business of my dreams and I can say whole-heartedly that I am finally living my passion and doing work that lights up my Soul. I am profoundly and eternally grateful." - Laura M. 


"Working with Lauren has been a game changer!  I’ve shown up to a session with Lauren feeling overwhelmed, disheartened and frustrated as to where to take my business next.  By the time we’re done I feel completely rejuvenated, focused and I leave with a solid game plan going forward. How is this much of a mind shift even possible after one session?  Lauren knows her stuff, she’s beyond knowledgable in every area from mindset blocks to funnel blocks.  Lauren’s energy is amazing, just being in her presence is a pick me up!!  I’m so grateful to have found her! " - Lea J.

The secret to success isn't in doing more...

It's in BECOMING your most magical, higher self  

Mermaid Mastermind is the place to fully embody your true self

and step into your next level with ease and flow

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