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Discover How to Become a

 Soul Magic 

Certified Coach

Are you ready to become a Soul Magic Certified Coach?

Would you like to:

  • Connect with your soul magic gifts to create a thriving coaching business that you love?
  • Become a skilled and masterful coach who confidently guides others to achieve their goals and dreams?
  • Attract clients easily and stand out in the online coaching space?
  • Learn how to guide workshops and groups as well as one-on-one clients?
  • Learn the fastest way to grow a successful online coaching business and get your business up and running now?
  • Get paid to be you, do your soul work and grow an online business that lets you achieve new revenue goals?
  • Create a true freedom-based online business that lets you make your own schedule and work from anywhere you like while feeling soulful and magical?
  • Help more people with your gifts and do work that feels meaningful, purpose-driven and has a positive impact on the world?

What they're saying...


Enrolled five clients within a few weeks of starting her coaching business

"It was truly a gift and pleasure to be trained by Lauren. With her knowledge through the videos/modules, expertise & experience along with her wonderful coaching, I learned quickly – enough to launch my own business faster than I imagined. Within just a few weeks, I was able to begin working with paid clients! She is a constant encourager and positive light. I highly recommend her!"

MARCY KRAFT // Life Coach

Sold out her first group coaching program

"Before I started working with Lauren, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels in my business and not getting any traction. I knew everything I was supposed to be doing but I was stagnant, frustrated and not getting anywhere! Since working with Lauren, not only did I sign on a handful of private clients as soon as we started working together, but most excitingly, I successfully launched my first online group program. This was something I had always wanted to do but was hesitant and unsure about for so many reasons. Now I can actually see how much traction I’ve made, how much my audience has grown and I’m thrilled with what I have accomplished. If you’re feeling stagnant or unclear about where to go or what to do with your business, and you’re ready to make some serious momentum, I highly recommend working with Lauren."

USHA ROSE // Love and Relationship Coach


Created a thriving coaching business

"Being coached by Lauren has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, and empowering experiences I’ve ever received from a coach. During my first session with her, I was struggling with how to move forward with a dream that was in my heart and partially in my head. She listened, encouraged, analyzed, supported, and provided me with positive feedback. Also, she helped strengthen my emotional and mental confidence to grow as a self-employed business owner. I love her compassion and uplifting spirit, which helped get me through many obstacles that came my way. Today, I'm pressing on in my business and she's been in my corner as a supporting pillar. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone who’s trying to start a business, and need the tools, and encouragement to move forward with their passion in life."

LETASHA HOWE // Holistic Transformation Coach


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