Wild Magic 


Unlock your soul gifts and purpose and step into your next level of magic, potential and fulfillment

Is it time to claim your wild magic and live your most soul-inspired life?

🍃 Has your soul been whispering to you about secret dreams, ideas, or projects that you'd love to explore? 

🍃 Does it feel like there's a lot of wild magic inside of you that's ready to be unleashed?

🍃 Would you love to open fully to your inspiration, creative flow and abundance?

🍃 Do you long to be more deeply connected to nature, the world of magic and the moon?

🍃 Are you ready to step into the full potential of your Wild Magic Calling?

You know you're meant to be MAGICAL and live a life full of wonder and enchantment

You're meant to do something deeply meaningful where you get to express your gifts, talents and passions and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Maybe you're doing this already -- but you know there's SO much more for you and you're ready to step into this next level of magical transformation.

But does it feel like:

☽ You've just been dipping your toe in the waters of your magic and potential?

☽ You're holding yourself back, even if you're already on your path?

☽ There's still a part of you that worries what others might think if you fully claimed your wild magic?

☽ You're uncertain about your gifts or unsure which ones you should explore -- OR you know what you want to do but it feels scary or "out there" and this is keeping you from moving forward?

☽ You haven't given yourself the time, space or support that's needed to fully develop your gifts and potential?

☽ You'd love for your days to be filled with nature, magic and inspiration because you know these help you connect with your highest self?

The truth is that you have unique magical gifts and potential for a reason.

These gifts are meant to be expressed so you can share your light with the world.

But the things you love, that tug at you and open up your heart to joy are bringing you back to your true self and what you're here to do.

Your wild magic IS your purpose and calling.

When you set your magical gifts to the side rather then give them center stage in your life, all sorts of things can happen:

☽ It feels like things aren't quite right or aligned

☽ You don't feel the same fulfillment that doing your full soul work brings

☽ The things that you do give your full attention to that aren't your #1 passion never quite work or feel hard because they're not your true path

How do you connect with your wild magic and let yourself fully step into your magic and express your gifts and purpose?

Hint: it doesn't come from your head, from a "thinking" or figuring it out place.

It doesn't come from doing more research or waiting for clarity to suddenly appear like a genie popping out of a bottle.

And it doesn't come from waiting for the perfect time or circumstances to appear.

Your WILD MAGIC CALLING comes from:

☽ Fully embodying and living your magic and doing what you feel naturally drawn to and love

☽ Connecting deeply to nature and the moon, the magical world of imagination and creativity and your natural, intuitive wisdom

☽ Letting go of the shore and letting yourself dance and play in the sea of enchantment, magic and joy

☽ The freedom of embracing your wild magic as you release the "should's" and what's been holding you back so you can truly be yourself at a soul level

From this place of opening, exploring and living your magic comes clarity, purpose and your true soul's path.

THIS is your Wild Magic Calling

How would it feel to:

🦉 Get clear on your soul gifts, passions and dreams and know how to bring them to life successfully

🦉 Stop hiding your gifts, playing it safe or holding back from exploring and sharing your wild magic soul

🦉 Tap into your deepest creativity, inspiration and intuition so you can access your best ideas whenever you like

🦉 Wake up each day feeling connected to your magic and excited about what's next

🦉 Live in alignment with nature, the moon and your spiritual calling

🦉 Release what's been holding you back from being your true self and feel the freedom of shining your light in the world

🦉 Step into sacred success, abundance and fulfillment because you're doing what you're here to do

🦉 Live your most magical life doing what makes your soul happy and surrounded by joy and meaning


Wild Magic 


A 12-week transformational coaching program to unlock your soul gifts and purpose and step into your next level of magic, potential and fulfillment

THIS is the magical immersion and breakthrough that your soul has been craving.

A place for you to ignite your gifts and passions, connect deeply with the ancient power of nature and magic, and to truly be you.

In this program, you'll get the opportunity to dive into the world of the WILD MAGIC ARCHETYPES where you'll discover how you express your unique magic and gifts and learn how you can tap into all of them for full access to your creativity, magic and inspiration for harmony, balance and alignment.

In this program, you'll

🌹 Deeply explore your magic, dreams, passions and "soul nudges" and get clarity on what you're being called to share in the world

🌹 Unlock and get clear on your gifts and purpose so you can confidently claim your path and journey

🌹 Connect and align with nature, magic, your spiritual calling and the moon

🌹 Release what is keeping you from stepping into your next level of magical potential

🌹 Transform your dream project, idea or passion into reality so you can share your light with the world

🌹 Deepen your intuition so you can confidently make decisions and trust your inner wisdom and voice

🌹 Develop practices, tools, rituals and routines that connect you daily to your magic and your highest self

🌹 Step into your wild magic and power

🌹 Create the life and sacred work or business that aligns with your soul

🌹 Experience the freedom, joy, peace and centeredness of coming home to you and your soul's true voice

🌹 Know how to take action that feels like flow rather than force and helps you manifest your dreams and desires with ease, clarity and success

🌹 Live each day feeling enchanted and magical

🌹 Step into the abundance and magic that is waiting for you

🌹 Discover how to show up every day as the best version of yourself, fully aligned and confident in your path and direction

🌹 Claim your wild magic soul and expand into your next level of potential and purpose

What makes this program special:

Personalized Support and Guidance

This isn't a do-it-yourself course with information for you to learn as you have time. Rather, this is a transformational experience that will open your heart and soul and help you uncover your gifts, magic and yourself so you can live your most meaningful life doing what you're here to do. While there are modules and content, you'll get the opportunity to practice and embody them and immerse the teachings into your life. And you won't be on your own -- you'll get coached as well as be part of a supportive, loving community. A true, in-depth magical experience and immersion.

Magical AND Practical

Some programs emphasize the "steps," "how to's" and strategies -- while other programs include JUST the magic, inspiration and energy. This program includes both elements because this is what is truly needed to experience your magical breakthrough and transformation. 

Adaptable to YOU

There are so many paths and ways to embody our wild magic gifts and calling. While we'll be sharing in the learnings and experiences, the spotlight is on you and your unique magic (because you have it!) If you've ever felt like you needed to do something more like someone else for it to be "better" or if you've felt any of the "I'm not enough-ness" that can come up, this program will show you just how much wisdom and beauty your uniqueness holds.

Lauren Lapointe-Crystals

Here's What's Included:

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Get personalized feedback, support and your questions answered while learning from others in these weekly group coaching calls (all calls are recorded so you can watch at a time that's perfect for you.)

Video Training Modules

Deep dive into the world of wild magic with ten video training modules that include worksheets, PDFs, practices, journal prompts and more to support and spark your magical transformation.  

Private Community

Your warm-hearted, magical community awaits with this private, members-only Facebook group where you'll get direct coaching feedback from me, have your questions answered, and receive loving support from your fellow wild magic seekers.

Certification Eligibility Option

This program is the pre-requisite for the Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification. You'll have the opportunity to do this work with yourself first and then, of you choose, can help others along their wild magic path.

Magical Experiences

This program includes exercises and experiences for you to immerse yourself into in order to connect with your wild magic soul and experience true transformation (plus, it's fun!) 

Special Magic Bonuses

You'll receive access to some very special and magical bonuses throughout the program that will help you connect with your inspiration and take your learnings and experience even deeper. 


"If you are struggling to find your own magic “toolkit” and what makes you unique and special, and how to have belief in yourself – your answer has arrived! Lauren is so knowledgeable, warm, funny and real that its impossible not to relate to her!  She takes you from A-Z to find your own "special sauce". Lauren has the ability to turn a mirror on you in order for you to see your potential."

Kayla Darcy-Goldrick, Soul Magic Certified Coach, LA, CA, USA


Module 1:

Wild Magic Awakening

  • Prepare for your Wild Magic Awakening Journey: tools, clearing, and magical time management
  • Explore and dance with your dreams, passions, strengths, talents, and interests
  • Assess your current relationship with magic, nature, the moon, your gifts
  • Cast a beautiful vision of what you'd love to call in
  • Discover how to spark and activate your wild magic
  • Create a new set of beliefs to support your highest magic

Module 2:

Fairy Queen Archetype

  • Explore the archetype of the Fairy Queen who embodies joy, play, freedom, creativity and inspiration and discover how to unlock these qualities within yourself
  • Let yourself follow the path of the fairies to reveal your purpose and magical gifts
  • Release the expectations of others and dance in your own brilliance and magic
  • Connect with your fairy guide, the elements and create a practice to activate your Fairy Queen Magic
  • Let yourself receive at the highest level and claim your abundance and most enchanted life

Module 3:

Moon Mermaid Archetype

  • Explore the archetype of the Moon Mermaid who embodies flow, inner wisdom, inspired creativity, deep soul knowing and intuition and discover how to unlock these qualities within yourself
  • Connect with your inner mermaid to release your most potent beauty, creativity, soul gifts and purpose
  • Step into your feminine magic and power with ease, flow and grace
  • Connect with your mermaid guide and create a practice to activate your Moon Mermaid Magic
  • Dive deeply into your wild magic while aligning with the moon's energies

Module 4:

Earth Goddess Archetype

  • Explore the archetype of the Earth Goddess who embodies the natural world, elements, clarity, alignment, groundedness and balance and discover how to unlock these qualities within yourself
  • Connect deeply with the earth and learn how to ask for and receive guidance
  • Create nature practices and rituals for alignment and receive powerful clarity, guidance and insight
  • Meet your earth goddess guide and create a practice to activate your Earth Goddess Magic

Module 5: Purpose Priestess Archetype

  • Explore the archetype of the Purpose Priestess who embodies feminine ands spiritual leadership, intention, vision, clarity, and confidence and discover how to unlock these qualities within yourself
  • Get crystal clear on your purpose and mission and align your life and work with your soul's calling
  • Confidently claim your path and step into grounded, inspired action
  • Connect with your priestess guide and create a practice to activate your Purpose Priestess Magic

Module 6: Wisdom of the Wild Woman

  • Claim your life's experience and journey and unlock the seeds of magic and purpose in your path
  • Discover how your challenges and learnings are your soul's purpose
  • Receive guidance and direction from your inner Wild Wise Woman
  • Create practices to honor and celebrate your Wild Wise Woman
  • Get clear on the path that is next for you

Module 7:

Wild Releasing

  • Uncover what is getting in the way of claiming your wild magic, soul gift and calling
  • Clear away blocks, doubts, resistance and fears
  • Discover powerful healings, tools and practices that will let you step into your wild magic
  • Experience the freedom of wild releasing and letting go so you can be truly you

Module 8:

Soul's Roadmap

  • Discover how to take your wild magic and turning into a beautiful roadmap and action plan with steps so you can move forward with your dream
  • Balance harmonious masculine energy with grounded feminine energy so you can successfully manifest your soul's calling
  • Create structures and support that let your creativity and wild magic flourish
  • Experience the peace and centeredness of a roadmap that aligns with your heart and soul

Module 9: Sacred Success & Abundance

  • Discover the secrets and spiritual laws of manifestation and success
  • Create your personal success and abundance practice so you can receive at your highest level
  • Align your success with nature, the moon and your wild magic
  • Call in your most potent magical vision, dreams and desires

Module 10:

Next Level Magic

  • Discover what magic is calling to you next and how to use the archetypes and learnings to let your next vision unfold
  • Create an ongoing soul support plan for yourself moving forward 
  • Integrate all of the tools, wisdom and experiences so you can fully claim your soul gifts and wild magic calling and are excited about what's next
  • Get clear on how you will shine your light and magic in the world 
  • Celebrate yourself and your Wild Magic Calling

Beautiful Bonuses:

* for a limited time only

Bonus: Astrology and Human Design to Unlock Your Soul's Purpose

Discover the unique aspects of your personal astrology and Human Design charts that help you get clarity around your soul gifts and purpose so you can move forward in alignment with the stars and planets.

Bonus: Wild Magic Hikes & Walks

Discover the power of being in nature to connect with your magic, gifts and purpose with these specific walking and hiking practices.

Bonus: Goddess Magic

Meet the goddesses who can help spark your wild magic, activate your gifts and purpose and support you along your path.

How to Enroll

Choose from THREE paths below:

Path 1:

Wild Magic Calling


  • Full lifetime access to the Wild Magic Calling program
  • 12 weeks of live coaching, training, and support
  • 10 modules with videos, PDFs and support material
  • 24-7 access to private Facebook community
  • 3 special bonuses
  • Eligibility for Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification
  • Magical Experiences and Practices

Regular price: $1,997

Early Bird price: $997

(or 3 monthly payments of $375)


Path 2:

Wild Magic Calling +

Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification

(can be done at the same time or one after the other for a total of six months)


  • Everything in Wild Magic Calling
  • Everything in Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification
  • The option to take both programs at the same time (three months) OR one after the other (six months)

Regular price: $4,997

Early Bird price: $2,497

(or 3 monthly payments of $375)

* Save $500 by enrolling in both programs at the same time


Path 3:

VIP Private Coaching

Add private coaching to either or both programs -- a beautiful option if you crave a more high-touch, personalized experience with extra support. Limited spots available.


  • Everything in the program that you are enrolling in: Wild Magic Calling and/or Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification
  • 3 or 6 months of one-on-one private coaching
  • 3-month private coaching option includes 6 one-hour private coaching calls
  • 6-month private coaching option includes 12 one-hour private coaching calls
  • Unlimited Voxer access (voice messaging access) for the duration of the private coaching, Monday through Fridays
  • Personalized review and feedback of all materials

Three months:

Regular price $4,997

Early Bird price: $3,997

(or 3 monthly payments of $1,497)

Six months:

Regular price $10,497

Early Bird price: $7,997

(or 6 monthly payments of $1,397) 



Option 1:

Wild Magic Calling

Regular price: $1,997

Special Early Bird Enrollment Rate:


  • Full access to the Soul Magic Coach Certification Program
  • 4 months of coaching, training, and support
  • Weekly live coaching calls
  • 10 step-by-step training modules with lifetime access
  • 24-7 access to private community
  • Review of all certification requirements
  • Official Soul Magic Coach Certificate pending requirements
  • Downloadable resources (workbooks, templates, etc.)
  • Bonus: Pricing Guide for Coaches
  • Bonus: Master List of Coaching Clients
  • Bonus: Instagram for Coaches
  • Bonus: Branding Checklist for Coaches

Laura went from hiding her soul gifts to creating the coaching business of her dreams

I can now help people through my unique soulful gifts and talents freely and completely. It’s a dream come true. I am so glad I followed my intuitive guidance to move forward with it. It has truly changed my life. 

Lauren is a masterful guide. She’s absolutely magical, skilled and so knowledgeable and guides and facilitates the process of personal and professional transformation in beautiful, subtle and profound ways. I am so deeply grateful for Lauren and for the amazing program she has created. It has been personally and professionally transformative for me.

Thank you Lauren, from the core of my being, for who you are and for your divine offering in the world. You have helped me create the business of my dreams and I can say whole-heartedly that I am finally living my passion and doing work that lights up my soul. I am profoundly and eternally grateful.

Laura McMullin Ph.D., Soul Magic Certified Coach, LosAngeles, CA, USA


Wendy gained confidence and paying clients

"Lauren has a magical way of providing support, encouragement, coaching and potent information. Thank you, Lauren for your knowledge, support and sharing your magic! 

Wendy L. Bradshaw, Soul Magic Certified Coach, Saguache, CO, USA


Went from wondering, "what will people think?" to launching her dream coaching business

"Working with Lauren has helped me to learn more about my own personal gifts and value that I cannot wait to share with others.  With Lauren, I felt like she heard ME and was more concerned about the right people and the right motivation to be certified than just reaping in money. This program has helped me to expand my business, to come out of my shell, and to own my special gifts and soul magic in a way that feels good. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to step into their soul’s fulfillment in helping guide themselves and others into more magic and higher living."

Justine Jones, Soul Magic Certified Coach, Idaho Falls, ID, USA


Went from an out-of-reach dream to a business aligned with her soul's purpose

"Lauren has been such a wonderful mentor, coach and teacher and I can’t recommend the program enough, it has been a truly life changing experience. I felt this program was more than I could even imagine -- it offered so much value, wisdom, and it was such a safe space for me to grow and evolve as a person and a coach. I am so happy that I followed my instinct and heart when I heard about this program. I would 100% recommend this program -- it is one of the best investments I have ever made, truly transformational and exactly what I needed."

Lindsey Mckeen, Soul Magic Certified Coach, San Francisco, CA, USA


Enrolled five clients within a few weeks of starting her coaching business

"It was truly a gift and pleasure to be trained by Lauren. With her knowledge through the videos/modules, expertise & experience along with her wonderful coaching, I learned quickly – enough to launch my own business faster than I imagined.  She is a constant encourager and positive light. I highly recommend her!"

Marcy Kraft, Life Coach, Winter Garden, FL, USA

Sold out her first group coaching program

"Before I started working with Lauren, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels in my business and not getting any traction. I knew everything I was supposed to be doing but I was stagnant, frustrated and not getting anywhere! Since working with Lauren, not only did I sign on a handful of private clients as soon as we started working together, but most excitingly, I successfully launched my first online group program. This was something I had always wanted to do but was hesitant and unsure about for so many reasons. Now I can actually see how much traction I’ve made, how much my audience has grown and I’m thrilled with what I have accomplished. If you’re feeling stagnant or unclear about where to go or what to do with your business, and you’re ready to make some serious momentum, I highly recommend working with Lauren."

Usha Rose, Love and Relationship Coach, Nevada City, CA, USA


Went full-time with her coaching business

"Working with Lauren has been such a joy. When I started, I had a few private clients, but nothing near a sustainable business. Lauren helped me work through the process of getting clear about what I do, and how to communicate that to the right people. Once I got that down, I was able to set up a system for attracting and signing up clients that worked for me and my vision for my life. Now I get to watch the leads roll in and book discovery calls or sign up for my private healing and group programs and it is all set up automatically. My dream is actually happening. "

Katy Jo Holton,  Founder of Shaman School, Anchorage, AK, USA

This Program Is For You If:

🦋 You've always been drawn to the worlds of magic and nature and you want to be even more deeply connected to both

🦋 You want to explore and follow your soul's calling

🦋 You've learned that the path to success and achievement isn't through doing more or being busier -- but rather through BEING and embodiment of your gifts and what you love

🦋 You're ready to free your wild magic and unleash the things that are calling to you

🦋 You love to learn and grow 

🦋 You're open to learning and trying new things

🦋 You either feel like you're already following your calling and doing your soul work OR you want to start 

🦋 You want to connect more deeply to your intuition and inner voice and be able to make aligned, confident decisions from this place

🦋 You want to live a life that feels magical and meaningful rather than just fill your days

🦋 Living your truth is important to you

🦋 You want to feel free to be you and fully express your heart and your soul's gifts

Would you like a coaching business that feels magical and helps you express your soul gifts?



I loved being coached by Lauren for so many reasons, some related to her deep compassion and others because she really knows her stuff about online marketing. Coupled with her passion, thoughtfulness, and excitement for coaching, Lauren takes that online world and brings it to you in a way that is comprehensive and doable. I found her deep commitment to understanding my needs and asking me the right questions a rare find. I felt completely held and supported in the coaching process with Lauren. She’s amazing, and, I highly recommend her.

Cynthia Santiago-Borbon - Confidence & Success Coach, New York, NY



Working with Lauren has been such an empowering experience! She’s intuitive, supportive, pragmatic and fun! What made the biggest difference for me was how supported I felt throughout the process. Working with Lauren was like having a guide walking beside me all the way, keeping me on track, providing encouragement and inspiration. She really wants to see her clients succeed, and it shows in her care and attention. For me, it was important to feel safe, to feel that my coach understood my feelings, doubts and aspirations, and was committed to helping me uncover my best self. I would recommend Lauren to anyone seeking guidance in starting a coaching business or exploring his or her creative potential. She’s amazing!

Lee Manale Integrative Wellness Coach, Pooler, GA, USA



Being coached by Lauren has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, and empowering experiences I’ve ever received from a coach. During my first session with her, I was struggling with how to move forward with a dream that was in my heart and partially in my head. She listened, encouraged, analyzed, supported, and provided me with positive feedback. Also, she helped strengthen my emotional and mental confidence to grow as a self-employed business owner. I love her compassion and uplifting spirit, which helped get me through many obstacles that came my way. Today, I'm pressing on in my business and she's been in my corner as a supporting pillar. I’d recommend Lauren to anyone who needs the tools and encouragement to move forward with their passion in life.

Letasha Howe - Holistic Transformation Coach, Boston, MA, USA



Working with Lauren has been a game changer! Lauren knows her stuff, she’s beyond knowledgable in every area from mindset blocks to funnel blocks.  Lauren’s energy is amazing, just being in her presence is a pick me up!!  I’m so grateful to have found her! 

Lea Jane Business & Mindset Coach, Vancouver, BC, Canada



The depth of Lauren’s coaching has been an amazing asset to me. When I met with Lauren the first time, I had newly decided to be a coach. I had no idea of my area of focus, my niche, or where to begin. I had watched hours of free webinars, read tons of information online, and took a few programs on finding my purpose. From the minute I hopped on our first call, I had a feeling that she was in my life for a reason. I signed up immediately and wow. I have come so incredibly far in such a short period of time! I not only have a clear path to follow but I know exactly who I am serving and in what capacity. Even more, Lauren has pushed me to be visible, be open, and be present online. This is extremely hard for me. I feel so much more confident in who I am and what I am here to do. Thank you Lauren for everything! I appreciate the guidance, the encouragement, and the kick in the pants when needed!

Traci Joseph Keto Lifestyle Coach, Grand Rapids, MI, USA



Lauren is a fabulous coach! She brings to the table such genuine warmth, creativity, compassion and caring to her clients. She works so well at helping to come up with creative and resourceful ways to identify the problem and find solutions. She is able to provide honest feedback and insight into whatever the question is at hand and handles her clients with the utmost care and concern. I have so appreciated working with Lauren and would highly recommend her!

Peggy Galdamez Health & Wellness Coach, San Jose, CA, USA



Working with Lauren has been such a joy. Our weekly sessions have kept me so on track and each session has fired me up to keep moving towards my business and personal goals with focus and tenacity. Lauren has a wonderful warm empathetic energy and a natural ability to hold a space for me to process, which has been so helpful in me gaining greater clarity and awareness. Her support has been, and continues to be, invaluable.

Chloe Gold - Lifestyle & Career Coach, London, England



Lauren helped me take a business that was just an idea and transform it into something real. I had pieces of my business but working with Lauren helped me put things together and decipher what was important from what was fluff. Everytime we spoke it was like I got so much accomplished or figured out. Everything is one step at a time. Lauren helped me take those steps. Thank you so much!

Jamika HobbsProsperity & Manifestation Coach, Kansas City, MO, USA



I am so glad that I decided to work with Lauren. She helped me get my life coaching business up and running.  Not only did Lauren help me professionally but she helped me personally as well. She encouraged me to work harder when I was stuck and she knew when to step back and let me figure things out on my own; all the while providing support and guidance. The support she provided in between sessions was greatly appreciated.  If I had not decided to work with Lauren, my coaching business would still be sitting idle. Lauren is a wonderful coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Doreen Landolfi - Holistic Midlife Transformation Coach, Hudson Valley, NY



Lauren has helped me make my coaching dream come true!!  I appreciated Lauren’s ability to hold me accountable for completing items in a positive way and slowing down to explore why I was running into a few stumbling blocks along the way.  She demonstrated what a great coach needs to do and be aware of.  Lauren’s inspiration and knowledge are sure to help you create a thriving coaching business as well!

Laura McFadden Executive Coach/Consultant, Greeley, CO, USA



Lauren is a joy to work with! She showed me how easy it would be to package my coaching services and build a brand that is uniquely me.  Her warm style made me feel like she understood my challenges, and her enthusiasm for helping me build my business was just what I needed. It was well worth the investment of time and money to gain some of Lauren's expertise and learn from her experience. 

Stacy Cooper - Life Coach, Kennebunk, Maine, USA

Are you ready to create a soulful life and business filled with magic that lets you get paid to be you? 


Who is this program for?

What if I already know what my gifts are and what I'm called to do?

What if I have no idea what my gifts are or what I'm supposed to do?

How does this program relate to the Wild Magic Soul Guide Certification?

How much time will I need each week to commit to this program?

How long do I have access to the program?

When are the weekly calls? What if I can't make the calls?

How do the weekly calls work?

When does the program start?

What is the refund policy?

Do you offer scholarships?

I have something coming up (vacation, family event, it's a busy time etc.) Can I still enroll or wait until it's a better time?

How do I enroll or find out more information?

What if I'm not sure or have questions?

What happens after I enroll?

Lauren Lapointe-Soul-Magic-Coach

Meet Your Guide: Lauren Lapointe

Hi, I'm Lauren!

Wild Magic Coach Queen, Earth Goddess, and Music Maker.

I've loved the world of magic and nature all my life. As a child, I played with the forest fairies and the ocean mermaids. But, like most humans, I grew up and set them aside to do serious adult things. I didn't realize that I was also setting aside the pure joy and soul inspiration that comes with this magical world.

Many years later, I had a business degree under my belt and was working at my cushy corporate job but knew I was meant to be doing something else. I handed in my notice and never looked back.

What followed was an exploration and commitment to my soul gifts and purpose. I traveled the country as a full-time singer/songwriter, taught yoga and meditation, and eventually started helping others discover their magic and soul gifts and create businesses and lives filled with what they loved. 

I've been a coach, guide and teacher now for ten years and have been honored to help hundreds of magical folks from around the world realize their soul potential and wild magic and lead fulfilling lives doing what they're here to do.

In 2020, I started hiking daily and this daily immersion in nature helped me connect with my soul in a way that hadn't been available before. It was through walking and listening in nature that the Wild Magic Archetypes were born. 

Once I realized that I could return to the world of fairies, mermaids, magic and nature, my own life and business snapped into alignment. Now I wake up every day so excited to do this soul work and connect with amazing people who are doing their magic.

I believe that we all have unique and powerful soul gifts and that it's our mission to develop these gifts and shine our light in the world. We, and the world, are filled with magic if we choose it to be.

I'm a Cancer Sun and Moon, Virgo Rising, and a 4/6 Manifesting Generator in Human Design. I love these systems that connect us with the sun, moon and the stars and help us develop our inner wisdom and soul potential.

I'm committed to diversity, social justice, and equality and believe that all voices are needed and meant to be heard.

Although I grew up in Canada, I currently live in Pennsylvania in the US with my husband and an undisclosed number of cats. I takes daily walks in the woods with the fairies and usually have a stash of chocolate nearby.

There's never been a better time to become a Certified Soul Magic Coach

The world as we know it has shifted and now, more than ever, people are craving the changes, transformations, and personalized support that coaches offer.

The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries and now is the time to carve out your place in this exciting and purpose-driven space.

If you're ready to do your soul work in a bigger way, just say "yes" to the coaching business of your dreams so you can change not just your life for the better -- but others, as well.

Are you ready for a thriving and profitable coaching business filled with soul clients and magic?

Don't let the weeks, months, or years go by without doing your soul work.

Come and join us inside the Soul Magic Coach Certification Program today and let's get started.

The only thing you need is to say "yes" to yourself and your coaching business.

I look forward to seeing you there!

~ Lauren

Questions? Please email

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Lauren provides a safe space to explore and gives you the confidence to take big leaps.  The small community we created provided a space for collaboration, growth and friendships.  Lauren helped me take my many business ideas and get really clear on what I have created, what I'm offering and how.  This has helped me to simplify my life and be more productive in all areas of my life.  

If you are someone into the "Woo", this is hands-down the program for you!

- Lori Lishan, soul magic certified coach, Stevenson, WA

Lauren provides a safe space to explore and gives you the confidence to take big leaps.  The small community we created provided a space for collaboration, growth and friendships. Lauren helped me take my many business ideas and get really clear on what I have created, what I'm offering and how. This has helped me to simplify my life and be more productive in all areas of my life.

Lori Lishan - Soul Magic Certified Coach, Steveson, WA

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Ella Johnson - Fashion Editor

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Maria Ferguson - Stylist