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New Creativity eBook – free for two days on Amazon


I'm happy to announce that my new Creativity eBook, 21 Days to Creativity: How to Develop a Creative Practice, is now available on

This book will be FREE for two days only: Wednesday, May 18th and Thursday, May 19th so please be sure to grab a copy during this time by clicking here.

Please note that you do not need to have a Kindle to read the book. There is a free Kindle app that can be downloaded to any device (your computer, laptop, phone, tablet etc.) You can find this app on the Amazon page right underneath the cover picture.

Please be sure to leave a review of the book on the Amazon page – and thanks so much!


Have you been craving a life that feels more creative and filled with intention, meaning, and joy?

Maybe you’ve tried to fit a regular creative practice into your life but you’re having trouble sticking with it or just getting started?

Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or experienced creative, this comprehensive twenty-one day program will give you plenty of techniques, tools, and inspirations for a more fulfilling, creative life.

Each of these activities is designed to take no more than twenty minutes a day so that they are accessible, reasonable, and can fit into the busiest of schedules.

Since it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, by the end of the book you will be well on your way to making creativity a regular and daily part of your life.

And a life filled with creativity is a life filled with passion, magic, and purpose.

This book will include: 

Getting Prepared: How to find the right space and time for creating.

Getting Started: Techniques for transitioning from our busy day-to-day lives to our creative work – or for getting unstuck – that include journaling, walking, ritual, meditation, and others.

Getting Inspired: Learning how to Identify what inspires you and how you can tap into that at any time.

Getting Focused: How to go from initial inspiration to actual completed project through planning, goal setting, and scheduling.

Getting Productive: How to stay with your creative work by holding yourself accountable, finding the right supports, and tracking your progress.

Carrying It Forward: How to take what you have learned from this program and apply it to your future creative work.

What you will learn: 

– How to make creativity a daily part of your life
– How to sample various creative practices and techniques to determine what works best for you
– How to pick the one creative project that is most meaningful to you at this time
– How to set goals for your project so that you can see it through to completion
– How to make a long-term and short-term plan for your creative work
– Lots of creative ideas and inspiration
– A deeper understanding of your creative rhythms and habits
– How to get started with your creative work
– A discovery of what inspires you and how to tap into that anytime
– How to find the right creative support for yourself and hold yourself accountable
– How to get unstuck from a creative project
– How to commit to yourself and your creative work
– And much more!

This book was inspired by the online course of the same name. If you would like to follow along with the video course, you will find a free coupon inside the book. However, please note that this book is designed to stand-alone as well.

Just click here to get your copy – and please be sure to leave a review, thanks so much!