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How to be Wildly and Successfully Creative in Just Twenty Minutes

green-alarm-clock-1383674999kzBDo you dream about the day when you won’t have anything to do but work on your creative project?

Do you think that you need vast quantities of unlimited and unstructured time in order to be creative?

Do you wish that you had this kind of time to follow a dream or passion?

The reality is that most people these days are incredibly busy and have multiple demands on their time. Does this mean that we can’t be creative?

Not at all!

A helpful practice is to find just twenty minutes a day to dedicate solely to your creative work.

It can be at any time of day that works for you. Many find that first thing in the morning works well. Why? Because as our days progress we run out of time and energy. It can be challenging to feel fresh and creative at the end of the day when often we just want to rest.

That being said, some people are night creatures who feel most creative in the middle of the night when the world is still. Whatever time of day works best for you is the best time to try this practice.

Here are some simple steps to add twenty minutes of creativity to your day:

  1. How to be Wildly and Successfully Creative in Just Twenty MinutesFind a place where you can work.This can be anywhere where you feel comfortable creating and where, ideally, you will not be interrupted.
  1. Set a timer for twenty minutes. Your smart phone should have a timer and an inexpensive egg timer works just as well.
  1. Commit to doing ONLY your creative work during this twenty minutes. This is key! Do not check your phone, Facebook, get up and make a cup of coffee, play with your cat etc. Sit in your chair (unless your project requires standing or some kind of movement) for the allotted twenty minutes and focus solely on your creative project. Give it all of your attention – and intention – during this time.
  1. Do it consistently. If you have a project that you’re working on i.e. a novel, a CD, a work of art etc. try to do this every day, if possible, or at least five times a week. Every skipped day means that you get further away from your project and it gets harder to return to it. Also, the more consistently you do this, the more your creative work will open itself up to you. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised.
  1. Enjoy the rest of your busy day and life knowing that you made some much-needed time for yourself and for important, meaningful, soul work. You will see how good it feels and it will spill over to your more mundane tasks and chores. Everyone will notice that you’re happier – including yourself!

Can you find twenty minutes in your day?

Has anyone tried this practice? What are your thoughts? Is anyone curious enough to give it a try? I’d love to hear how it works for you!

This blog post was brought to you by a timer that was set to – you guessed it – twenty minutes!


Sunflower photo by Danny Dennis