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How Yoga Can Enhance Your Creativity

Yoga can be many things to many people. Some know yoga as a form of physical exercise and may be familiar with the mind/body benefits that it offers. However, it can also open up our creativity in a number of ways and support our creative work.

I began practicing yoga around the same time that I discovered music. As I pursued a career as a singer/songwriter, my yoga practice also grew and I eventually became certified to teach. These two loves have supported and sustained each other over the years. Now, as a Creativity Coach, I frequently draw on yoga and meditation concepts and practices to help support people in their creative work and offer “Yoga and Creativity” workshops.

Here are just a few of the ways that yoga can help support our creativity:

Yoga helps us to be more present

In order to create, we have to be truly present with whatever we are creating. Yoga teaches us to focus on the breath which in turn helps us to be more present with our creative work and our lives in general.

Yoga helps us to let go of resistance or blocks

Everyone has heard of “writer’s block” and this can hold true for any form of creativity. By overcoming resistance in our yoga practice, we learn how to overcome resistance and blocks in our creative work as well.

Yoga helps us to open our hearts and minds

In addition to learning how to open up our bodies on the mat, we are also learning how to open up our hearts and our minds. This translates to our creative work and we can find ourselves creating with more openness and freedom.

Yoga helps us create with more authenticity

One aspect of our yoga practice is that it can help us discover who we really are. The more we practice the more we shed external layers that reveal our true nature. Yoga helps us to tune into our instincts which can lead to greater authenticity in our creative work.

Yoga helps us get more comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of ourselves

In particular, practices such as Yin yoga and meditation can help us to truly examine ourselves and make friends with the dark and uncomfortable sides of our nature (we all have them!) Since our creative work can also involve a similar exploration, these two practices support each other immensely.

Yoga teaches us to go outside of our comfort zone

We learn how to challenge ourselves appropriately on our yoga mats – to test our edges and notice where we have drawn lines to keep ourselves in our boxes. As we begin to test these lines and edges, this can spill over to our creative work and we may notice that we begin creating outside the box as well.

Yoga helps us develop discipline, routine, and structure

While words like “routine” and “structure” may not sound very creative, it can certainly help with our creative output if we have a regular and dedicated creativity practice. If we show up for our yoga practice regularly, this can affect other areas of our lives, including our creativity. Many creative people struggle with a regular routine – and a yoga practice can help us become more focused and disciplined in general.

Yoga makes us braver

It takes a certain amount of courage to get on the mat and explore new and challenging poses. The more we get comfortable with taking these risks the braver we can be in our creative work.

Here are some specific ways that you can support your creative work through your yoga practice:

  • Practice regularly.
  • Practice different styles of yoga – have a routine, but also be open to trying new classes and styles. It’s okay if you don’t connect with all of them – just trying them is enough!
  • Come to the mat with an idea or question about your creative work.
  • OR the opposite…just let go completely of whatever you are working on and you might be surprised by what arises when you create that space!
  • Keep a pen and paper by your mat and jot down ideas as they come up.

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Namaste and Happy Creating!